Film Astier de Villatte

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アメリカのフィルム制作会社North Sea AirのAmy LipkinとGraeme Macleanが制作したこのフィルムには、それらの答えが詰まっています。 まるで絵本のページを捲るかの様に、私たちはアスティエ・ド・ヴィラットの美しい万華鏡の様な世界を覗き見ることが出来ます。

「僕達はクリエイションに関して、効率的に進めたいとは思っていないのです。 僕たちはただ美しい物を創り上げたいと思っています。 僕たち自身が誇りに思えるようなものを。」



What comes to mind when you hear Astier de Villatte?

Pure milky glazed ceramics. Candles and incenses that bear the name of cities and places from around the world. Playful notebooks in a colorful, tile pattern. By now, it is hard to define Astier de Villatte if even one of these creation was missing. As each piece represents the brand’s rich and various creative expressions to communicate to us the unique universe of Astier de Villatte.

Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli founded Astier de Villatte in 1996. Within the brand’s eighteen years of experience and range of works, it has grown to be adorned across the world. Astier de Villate runs a small boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré near the Louve, whose location was used as a store by Napoleon’s goldsmith in the 18th century. It’s not only France, but the fans from around the world make a visit to the Astier de Villatte boutique.

However, despite its fame, the brand still hides many secrets. What is production like at their atelier? How is the fragrance made? Where are the notebooks print and bound?

Amy Lipkin and Graeme Maclean from the American production company North Sea Air produced a film that provides answers to such questions. Like turning the page of a picture book, we can see the beautiful kaleidoscopic world of Astier de Villatte.

As Ivan says, “We don’t try to be rational in the production. Our goal is to do beautiful things. Things we are proud of.”

Please enjoy a behind the scenes look of Astier de Villatte.